Chef Jake Whitlock, 1300 Fillmore
“Having a meal is one of the most intimate things you can do — they came here to eat food we prepared and I just love that concept...”

To celebrate 25 episodes of Menu Stories, we are releasing a special two-part series featuring sister restaurants 1300 on Fillmore and Black Bark BBQ. Episode 24 features chef Jake Whitlock of 1300 on Fillmore. Be sure to listen to episode 25 next.

1300 on Fillmore arrived to the Fillmore District in 2007, when executive chef/owner David Lawrence and his wife and business partner, Monetta White, decided to build on their fine dining background and open their first restaurant. The upscale take on authentic southern and soul food style cuisine is evidence of Lawrence's training — he was born and raised in England and trained under the classic European style of cooking. Still, critics and neighborhood regulars flock to 1300 on Fillmore for the famed shrimp and grits and chicken dishes.

Chef Jake Whitlock joined the 1300 on Fillmore family last year, as Lawrence was beginning to prep for his new venture with White: Black Bark BBQ. Whitlock, a young chef with an already-rich background of cooking skills (he trained under chef Tim Archuleta of ICHI Sushi), quickly earned Lawrence's trust and has already introduced items to the menu, like his pan-seared salmon and sous vide egg. Whitlock takes special care to preserve the classics on the menu and honor the historic neighborhood he now serves.

Chef Jake is leading the kitchen at 1300 on Fillmore, working with exectuvie chef/owner David Lawrence, who opened 1300 on Fillmore close to a decade ago. Chef Jake preps his salmon dish with the help of the Nomiku sous vide machine Salmon grills on the stove
Corn and sweet potatoes are fried in a pan Mushrooms sizzle on the stove at 1300
Executive chef/owner David Lawrence stops by 1300 on Fillmore throughout the day, while focusing on his new restaurant, Black Bark BBQ, which sits across the street
Chef Jake begins plating the salmon dish Plating is a careful art with chef Jake Whitlock of 1300 on Fillmore
The final plated salmon dish is a work of art. The famed shrimp and grits at 1300 on Fillmore start with sizzling shrimp and shallots Careful pruning for each leaf that decorates the shrimp & grits plate The creamy grits are unique to 1300 on Fillmore Chef Jake stands in the grand photo-filled room near the entrance of 1300 on Fillmore, which pays omage to the rich jazz history of the neighborhood. The comfortable plush seating at 1300 Fillmore complements the rich menu. Chef Jake, who grew up in the central valley of California, has earned kudos from restaurant critics for maintaing the menu and feel of the restaurant, while chef David focuses on Black Bark BBQ. Fresh dishes like the salmon complement traditional dishes like shrimp and grits at 1300 on Fillmore

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