Chef Melissa Perfit, Bar Crudo
“I was most interested in cinematography — I like the way light hits things... I realized cinematography translated to the plating of food and the way it looks...”

There is no shortage of seafood — or seafood lovers — in San Francisco, but Bar Crudo has been a favorite stopping place for many. The restaurant is now proudly celebrating ten years and we were lucky enough to meet with Chef Melissa Perfit.

Perfit has been with Bar Crudo from the beginning — she joined the fledgling restaurant fresh out of culinary school and, along with chef-owner Mike Selvera, was delighted to see unexpected lines of people beginning to form to wait for her food on a regular basis. She eventually decided to learn from other chefs, but happily returned a year and a half ago to the kitchen that launched her career, allowing her to see Bar Crudo through the culmination of its first decade.

Raised in Florda, Perfit long aspired to become a cinematographer and never thought she'd become a chef. Listen to the episode to discover what got her hooked on cooking, what her film background has to do with her life as a chef, and find out the one ingredient she can't stand, but works with every day.

Quirky murals on the wall decorate Bar Crudo's interior. The beautiful Tombo Tuna crudo plate reflects on the metal counter at Bar Crudo.
Perfit gets fresh uni and oysters delivered daily. Chef Melissa Perfit runs the kitchen at San Francisco's Bar Crudo.
The Lobster Salad: heirloom tomatoes, burrata, corn, arugula, and banyuls vinaigrette. The uni cream sauce is prepared while the fish sizzles. The Bar Crudo mermaids welcome passersby in the window. Chef Melissa prepares most of the dishes herself, given the small kitchen size at Bar Crudo. The Tombo Tuna crudo dish is dressed in citrus, chili, and black tobiko. Fresh bread from ACME is delivered to Bar Crudo, daily. Bar Crudo's high quality beer selection compliments its fresh seafood menu. Chef Melissa spoons a butter sauce onto the pan seared fish. Whole Branzino: uni, daikon sprouts, and pickled chilis. Chef Melissa worked at Bar Crudo straight out of culinary school and recently returned after practicing under chefs like Charles Phan. The cold metal bar at Bar Crudo is perfect for keeping chilled oysters cool.

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