Chef Kris Toliao & Yuka Ioroi — Cassava
“Kris always wanted to have approachable food that's cooked with care... and done with technique...”

Episode 37 introduces us to the husband-and-wife team behind Cassava, a small Asian-inspired restaurant in San Francisco's Richmond District that puts community and a unique operational style at the forefront.

Chef Kris Toliao and Yuka Ioroi met while working at a popular Asian fusion restaurant in Los Angeles. They fell in love and began dreaming about an opportunity to move to San Francisco. When the now-renowned Dominique Crenn, who had once hired Kris to work with her at a country club in Manhattan Beach, came calling with a new opportunity to join her team in San Francisco, Kris and Yuka couldn’t say no.

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Fish head  Pastels and soft light fill the restaurant space at Cassava
Fresh fish is a specialty at Cassava. Chef and co-owner, Kris Toliao, prepares fish for dinner service. Chef Kris Toliao cleans and prepares a whole fish, starting with the head
Co-owner Yuka Ioroi poses at the front door to Cassava Wine and cookbooks at Cassava in San Francisco San Francisco mugs  Cassava has roots in Los Angeles and Southern California, as well as Japan and the Philippines The fish meat is ready to be cut into steaks
Fish steaks are prepared to be pan fried The Cassava team works together in a modern operational style, where line cooks are expected to also wash dishes
The station at Cassava is tiny, but chef Toliao makes use of what's available to him
Co-owner Yuka Ioroi carries a cocktail to a table Chef Kris Toliao prepares a steaming plate for guests at Cassava
A fresh salad is about to go to a table at Cassava Chef Kris Toliao prepares plates for lunch service
French inspired decor at Cassava's small restaurant in the Richmond District of San Francisco Fresh fish pieces wait to be salted and fried for plating
Octopus at Cassava Greens are steamed with fish at Cassava
Poultry finds itself on the menu regularly at Cassava, along with seafood Ribs are seasoned and ready to be cooked
Fish steaks are salted at Cassava
Corn stock simmers at Cassava Potatoes of varying colors are pan seared
Chef Kris Toliao pan sears fresh caught fish as spotted through the outdoor sunny window on Balboa Street in San Francisco Fresh strawberry and greens salad The fish is a go-to menu item at Cassava Seared fish with wild fennel Simple, yet artfully prepared dishes are chef's specialty at Cassava Husband-and-wife team Yuka Ioroi and chef Kris Taliao outside of their inaugural restaurant, Cassava

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