Jay Bordeleau, Tim Hagney, & Chef Isaac Miller — Maven
“Can we take the cocktail away from the bar scene and put it into the restaurant scene? And can we make the restaurant scene a little closer to the bar...?”

Maven is one of San Francisco’s premier restaurant bars that pays equal mind to its menu and to its bar program. The restaurant sits on an unassuming corner in one of San Francisco’s most unassuming neighborhoods — the Lower Haight.

For those who don’t know, the Lower Haight could not be more different than its showy, better known sibling, the Upper Haight (sometimes called Haight-Ashbury, named after its very famous intersection). But for all that the Lower Haight seems to downplay, it’s home to hole-in-the-wall long-time local favorites for great food and great beer, like Rosamunde Sausage and Toronado.

The team behind Maven has deep ties to music — they studied it, played it, and danced to it. So while Maven is certainly more upscale than some of these long-standing establishments that are way more punk rock than anything else, Maven has found a way to play to the tune of the neighborhood, without feeling like a jarring chord that dropped onto the block out of nowhere.

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The team knows how to have fun Bar manager Tim Hagney prepares drinks for the evening  The kitchen staff at Maven operates like an upscale restaurant with hustle
Chef Isaac Miller prepares food behind the kitchen bar  A member of chef Isaac Miller's team watches him carefully preparing a plate
The lively space is a favorite gathering spot and date night hangout for the neighborhood Chef Isaac Miller of Maven House made pickles Pâté with toasted bread from Maven
A refreshing drink on the rocks, perfect for a warm day. A cocktail drink created with fire, named 'The Wiggle' after the bike path near the restaurant
The cocktail menu at Maven changes with the seasonal menu  Chicken confit and salted carrots The Maven burger  Chef Isaac Miller  The three drinks created by Tim Hagney The team at Maven The assortment of food and drinks served at Maven - not your average bar food and drink.

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