The Mercer Restaurant Group team — AQ Part II
“We have this 'long view' of what Longview Ranch could be for the restaurant and for the Cloverdale community...”

In the second part of our special two-episode feature of AQ and Mercer Restaurant Group, Menu Stories heads to the farm and ranch in Cloverdale, California. From the Trading Post Bakery to the Cloverdale Community Garden to the beginnings of Longview Ranch, this adventurous episode captures the first time Menu Stories journeys to the source of food production.

Listen to the first part of the story in episode 32, if you haven't already.

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Prepping the dough Trading Post Bakery in Cloverdale Dough mixes at the Trading Post Bakery The head baker at the Trading Post in Cloverdale
Semmelhack shows us the future layout of Longview Ranch Herbs grow in the garden/farm in Cloverdale
Matt Semmelhack shows some of the fresh fruit grown on the farm Farming comes naturally One of the chickens settles into her carved out space in the ground Feeding the chickens
Vegetables are grown for AQ at the Cloverdale farm Fresh shallots pulled from the soil
Chickens lay their eggs in the coop The neighbors meet us on the road Two lions in Cloverdale
Lounging by the Airstream Teepees decorate the Swiss design landscape
Inside the Airstreams, decorated  Mojitos are served in the neighbor's teepee Beautiful dogs roam the Swedish property Golden fields, golden hair
Berries Strawberries grow out of a barrel
A chicken gets a hug at the farm in Cloverdale Fresh fruit and honey in Clovedale

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