Executive Chef David Lawrence, Black Bark BBQ
“In life, you have to find something you're passionate about — if you find that, you'll enjoy what you do... you're going to enjoy your life...”

To celebrate 25 episodes of Menu Stories, we are releasing a special two-part series featuring sister restaurants 1300 on Fillmore and Black Bark BBQ. Episode 25 features executive chef David Lawrence of Black Bark BBQ and 1300 on Fillmore. Be sure to listen to episode 24 first.

Executive chef/owner David Lawrence and Monetta White opened Black Bark BBQ in January 2016, but the restaurant had been in the works for over four years. Originally inspired by regular requests for barbecued ribs at 1300 on Fillmore, their original restaurant, Lawrence was struck by an engraved brick on the sidwalk on Fillmore Street, which marked the former home of a once-loved Kansas style barbecue restaurant. The space was vacant and, eventually, Lawrence and White decided to revive the location and bring barbecue back to the Fillmore neighborhood.

Lawrence has an incredible background, himself: after being raised by a hard working immigrant father — a steakhouse chef — in a low income neighborhood in England, Lawrence went on to become an esteemed, globally trained chef who trained at three star Michelin rated restaurants.

Listen to the episode to hear the full story.

The walls at Black Bark BBQ are covered with fun, cheeky phrases The bright and simple interior of Black Bark BBQ makes the spot approachable and comfortable to diners.
Meats are prepared in house at Black Bark BBQ Black Bark BBQ serves Texas style dry-rub barbecue
The name 'black bark' comes from the black crust on the meat that comes from barbecueing with the dry rub Texas style.
Beans fill a pot, before they're cooked Greens are cooked in traditional southern style
The meat cooks throughout the entire day at Black Bark
The inspiration for the ribs came from a 'secret menu' item at 1300 on Fillmore The juicy ribs are slow cooked throughout the day.
The beans are prepared with brown sugar, pepper, and a special broth. Chef David prepares the popular bean dish Chef David stirs the slow-cooked beans The perfect lunch: slow cooked meats and southern style greens. Old style sodas are served at Black Bark BBQ to complement the classic dishes Sausages are made in house at Black Bark BBQ Chef David at the counter of Black Bark BBQ
The Black Bark BBQ sauces are almost as popular as the meats The Black Bark BBQ sauces are made from chef David's special recipe
Owners David Lawrence and Monetta White had been thinking of the Black Bark BBQ concept for years before they opened the restaurant

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