Anjan & Emily Mitra, Dosa
“Being in the restaurant business ties you to the community — people say ‘this is my restaurant, this is the restaurant that I go to’... It's not your restaurant anymore. It's their restaurant...”

It was at an underground club in San Francisco's industrial SOMA neighborhood that Anjan and Emily Mitra first laid eyes on each other. Anjan, an engineer from Bombay who'd come to San Francisco to work in tech as a product manager at Netscape, and Emily, a sharp business woman from upstate New York, immediately hit it off over their shared love for nightlife in the city. Dosa, their modern South Indian restaurant, evokes this nightlife feel as soon as you walk in the door.

Though Dosa was Emily and Anjan's first endeavor into the restaurant world, they opened a second location several years into the success of their original (on Valencia Street) and just celebrated ten years since opening their doors.

Emily had been planning a restaurant concept for a long time. It wasn't until a shared moment over a dosa (naturally) that Anjan and Emily decided the restaurant should reflect Anjan's heritage and the food of the country they both visited so frequently — especially because nothing quite like Dosa had existed in San Francisco before.

Listen to the episode to hear how Emily and Anjan brought Dosa to life and why they continue to thrive in the increasingly competitive restaurant world of San Francisco.

Anjan and Emily Mitra founded Dosa on Valencia street more than ten years ago and now manage two thriving locations of their popular Indian eatery.
Indian spices are prepped for the chefs at Dosa Lentils and sauces are a large part of South Indian style cuisine
Indian food requires layers and layers of complicated flavors, using spices like star anise and curry seeds Vegetables and chiles are fried on the stove top at Dosa
Anjan and Emily decorated Dosa with beautiful, glittering chandeliers to reflect the nightlife feel The chef at Dosa works in a large multi-stationed kitchen at the Fillmore location and serves upscale, modern South Indian cuisine.
The large restaurant space at Dosa on Fillmore, Emily and Anjan's second location, seats dozens more than their original on Valencia.
Spicy food and bread and rice pair together nicely at Dosa The dosa is prepared much like a French crepe, using circular motions on the griddle. Once the dosa is fried, the chef folds the dosa over any filling.
Small plates and appetizers with sauces and sides are popular for large and small groups at Dosa The bar program at Dosa has been celebrated over the years and stands out for its refreshing, nectar and spirit based cocktails The pan fried vegetable chile dish is served in elegant white plates The vibrant and colorful drinks at Dosa pair perfectly with the spicy South Indian cuisine Papadum bread and sides, a dosa, and small plates line the bar at Dosa on Fillmore Anjan and Emily pose by a colorful photograph from India in their restaurant Beautiful, colorful plates for sharing highlight the style of South Indian food at Dosa

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