Chefs Jonathan Sutton & Tony Ferrari, Hillside Supper Club
“To be able to create this system for other people to thrive from and give other people opportunity is incredible...”

Having been just a few years out of culinary school, Jonathan Sutton and Tony Ferrari, chef/owners of Hillside Supper Club in Bernal Heights, hadn't planned on opening a restaurant by the age of twenty-five. But most things don't happen the way we expect.

After going to school together, the duo each trained under the likes of Michael Mina and eventually started working on a pop-up dinner service in Bernal Heights. The pop-up dinners began to take on the feel of a supper club and the diners soon started encouraging Sutton and Ferrari to open a full fledged restaurant.

The two young chefs take their roles as approachable food makers almost as seriously as they view their responsibility as employers in their community. Listen to the episode to hear the full story, what inspires Sutton and Ferrari, and how the current economic climate of San Francisco is impacting them as small business owners.

Chefs Jonathan Sutton and Tony Ferrari at the entrance to Hillside Supper Club
Fall decor feels homey at the entrance to the restaurant. The Hillside Supper Club menu.
Chef Jonathan works in the kitchen. Duck legs prepared for roasting.
Chef Tony brushes the chicken pot pie Antique mason jar lights adorn the Hillside interior.
Chef Tony prepared handmade pasta. The Hillside savory pot pie. The welcoming entrance to Hillside Supper Club. Chefs Jonathan Sutton and Tony Ferrari Knick-knacks, gifts from Bernal Heights neighbors and patrons, adorn the shelves at Hillside Supper Club. The spice rack at Hillside sits in the back dining room. The savory pot pie comes out of the oven. The Hillside menu is pinned in the window.
Chef Jonathan prepares the savory pot pie Chef Jonathan transfers the savory pot pie to the plate
Chef Jonathan Sutton of Hillside serves the Hillside Supper Club savory pot pie. The beautiful Hillside pot pie.

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