Chef Jöne Pan — Jöne's Gelato
“At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel the community around a table, eating food — having alternatives that taste good makes them not feel so isolated...”

In this episode, we meet chef Jöne Pan of Jöne's Gelato, a gourmet Paleo and diabetic friendly gelato — it’s gluten free, cane-sugar-free, dairy free, and top-eight-allergen free. Despite this unusual formula for a traditional dessert, Jöne’s Gelato has developed a strong following of customers who love her product, even if they aren’t particularly worried about avoiding dairy or sugar. The product comes in vanilla bean, strawberry, masala chai, dark chocolate, and roasted banana flavors.

Chef Jöne didn’t set out to become a chef from a young age. She studied computer science and was working in corporate finance when she realized she just wasn’t happy - she had a “quarter life crisis,” as she calls it - and, inspired by the culinary talents of her mother, packed her bags and moved to France to become a chef.

After developing chronic, debilitating health problems while working in kitchens, chef Jöne tried cutting out inflammatory food from her diet and saw remarkable improvements to her health. She began playing around with dairy-free and sugar-free ice cream recipes for herself and quickly found a following among a growing community of people with similar nutritional needs. And so, Jöne's Gelato was born.

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A scoop of Jone's chocolate gelato ice cream glistens in a red Heath Ceramics dish  Chef Jöne Pan uses her actual home studio as her home base for her gelato business Chef Jöne Pan prepare a blend for gelato Jöne's Gelato has gotten noticed by the food community Freshly blended ingredients will soon make a batch of dark chocolate gelato
Chef Jöne Pan in her kitchen in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood Chef Jöne Pan scoops ice cream from her home churner
Bacardi nestles in chef Jöne's bar Chef Jöne Pan prepares a batch of gelato Jöne's Gelato in dark chocolate is one of the most popular flavors
Chef Jöne Pan uses her studio apartment to store her churned gelato supply A tattoo on her upper arm reads 'Il n'y a qu'une vie c'est donc qu'elle est parfaite,' a quote from a a Paul Éluard poem that means 'There is only this life is that it is perfect.'
A fresh batch of gelato A scoop of Jöne's dark chocolate gelato Chef Jöne Pan quit her job in corporate finance to become a chef Jöne's Gelato is a smooth textured, gluten-free, dairy free dessert loved by health conscious and flavor conscious food lovers.

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