Feldo Nartapura & Ruvi Dayao, Sataysfied
“We're not selling (just) food — we're selling a peace of mind for people. That's why we're here — to 'sataysfy' you...”

Sometimes, the best things that happen to us at first seem like tragedies. Feldo Nartapura had just started working at a startup in San Francisco — he'd signed a lease and started getting settled, but through an unexpected merger/acquisition, he suddenly lost his job. Needing a quick solution to pay rent, Nartapura turned to a favorite Indonesian family recipe that his parents relied on for their Los Angeles based food cart business: grilled chicken satays. One thing led to another and Nartapura's San Francisco business started growing through word of mouth. He borrowed the name of his parent's LA food cart, “Sataysfied,” and soon found himself at Off the Grid, a popular local food truck event in San Franisco's Marina District. The exposure was all Nartapura needed to launch Sataysfied into a full fledged food business.

Around the same time, Nartapura met his wife, Ruvi Dayao. Dayao's natural foodie tendencies and Filipino influence on the menu has helped expand Sataysfied beyond the original grilled chicken staple, which has been nothing but good for business.

Aside from Off the Grid, the Sataysfied team participates in other major food festivals — the biggest is Outside Lands. 2015 marks the fifth year that Sataysfied has been invited to serve hungry festival goers at Outside Lands, so it's become a tradition for Nartapura and Dayao's families to visit San Francisco each year and help man the food station. To celebrate, Nartapura and Dayao create custom t-shirts each year for everyone working with them at Outside Lands. This year's theme? Golden State Warriors jerseys.

The meat of the Sataysfied business, though, comes from catering and feeding Silicon Valley's startup community, from Hipmunk to Square to Evernote. Listen to the episode to hear how Sataysfied grew from a handful of satays sold on the streets of the Mission District to being one of the regular lunchtime caterers at some of the world's most valuable companies, offering comfort food that's beloved by the Bay Area's tech elite.

The Filipino influence to the menu comes from Ruvi Dayao, which blends nicely with the Indonesian flavors, from which Sataysfied originated. Feldo Nartapura and Ruvi Dayao prepare food in their commercial kitchen, before a catering event. Since Sataysfied has been invited to participate in each of the last five Outside Lands festivals, it's become a tradition to create custom t-shirts for their team every year. This year's theme: Golden State Warriors jerseys. Long lines form in front of Sataysfied, a food cart just at the main stage at Outside Lands. Showing off her order: fried noodles and egg rolls, topped with Sriracha. Freshly cooked egg rolls from Sataysfied are strained before being served at Outside Lands.
Feldo Nartapura's father, a veteran cook, himself, teaches a Sataysfied volunteer how to mix a giant wok-full of noodles. Chicken satays sizzle on an open air grill at the Satasfied food stand at Outside Lands in San Francisco.
Fried egg rolls, grilled chicken satays with peanut sauce, noodles, and a side of sriracha. Excellent music festival sustenance. Potstickers, a favorite on the Sataysfied menu, brown to a crisp in a giant wok at Outside Lands.
Feldo Nartapura's father also runs a food cart in Los Angeles, called Sataysfied, featuring traditional Indonesian savory dishes. Outside Lands is a family affair for Feldo and Ruvi, whose families visit for a family reunion each year around the festival.
Sriracha is a favorite topping for Sataysfied's savory noodle dish. Feldo Nartapura's family comes up to San Francisco for Outside Lands every year from Los Angeles to help cook for hungry music festival goers.

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