David Hanna, Tadich Grill
“He said, well, everything's good, but I have one little complaint — I come here for the great seafood and the surly waiters and you're too nice...”

New York has Peter Luger; San Francisco has Tadich Grill. Like the sharp and salty taste of briny oysters, there's something raw, familiar, and comfortable about the straight-shooting experience of dining at Tadich Grill.

We sat down with General Manager David Hanna during a late summer morning, just before the kitchen opened for its regularly busy lunch. Hanna has been with Tadich Grill for over five years and is now overseeing the restaurant's first expansion beyond its roots — a few weeks ago, its second location opened in Washington, DC.

Few restaurants can boast the history and longevity of this steak and seafood restaurant in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District. Opened as a hot food stand in 1849 during the California Gold Rush by three Croatian immigrants, Tadich Grill has come a long way in its 160+ years and consistently serves fresh seafood dishes, perfect for San Francisco's chilly weather.

Unlike most establishments in San Francisco, you'll find the same familiar faces at Tadich Grill, day after day. The restaurant has only had eight different chefs in its lifetime and many of the waiters have been employed here for over a decade. Perhaps the continuity with the staff has helped Tadich Grill sustain its character and quality as long as it has.

Listen to our interview with David Hanna to hear the full story behind this historic “cold day” restaurant.

A couple dines at the window overlooking California Street at Tadich Grill. San dabs are filleted before being served for lunch. General Manager David Hanna of Tadich Grill has been working in the restaurant industry since he was a young teenager. The bartender serves a local, who orders lunch at the bar.
Hanna and a long-time server enjoy a laugh behind the bar. The kitchen serves classic San Francisco and Croatian style cuisine.
The white clam chowder at Tadich Grill often sells out nightly. Situated in the heart of the Financial District, Tadich Grill is known for its power lunch rush.
Tadich Grill sits right next door to Perbacco on California Street. The busy kitchen keeps up with the pace of quick lunch orders.
The long, wooden bar at Tadich Grill evokes an old San Francisco style, fitting for the classic menu. The daily lunchtime bar server chats with regulars at the bar. The red New England style clam chowder is a popular staple on the menu. Diners enjoy lunch at Tadich Grill. Busy workers pass by Tadich Grill, along California Street in San Francisco.

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