Chef Wilson Chan — Tsubasa
“I didn't walk away [from a career in animation] because at Tsubasa, I combine arts and sushi...”

In Episode 34, we meet Chef Wilson Chan of Tsubasa Sushi. Tsubasa recently opened in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco and, though it was off to a quiet start, has already been noticed by the likes of Michelin for standing out as an excellent sushi eatery.

Chef Wilson (he prefers his first name) comes from humble beginnings in Hong Kong and only learned the art of sushi making through necessity, after his family immigrated to San Francisco and he needed to leave school to bring in extra income. He returned to school and moved to Los Angeles as an adult in the hopes of becoming an animation artist, but had a hard time breaking into the industry. In the meantime, he continued working as a sushi chef under stern experts, and realized he could apply his visual art and animation training to the craft of sushi, with all of its colors and textures.

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