Chef August Schuchman & Tyler MacNiven — West of Pecos
“My dad used to say that running a restaurant is about getting 10,000 little things right...”

Tyler MacNiven hails from Palo Alto, but developed a love for southwest cuisine on family road trips to New Mexico. It's with these memories in mind that this experienced restaurateur decided to open West of Pecos. Longtime colleague, Chef August Schuchman, brings his own upbringing and training to the kitchen at West of Pecos and the result is a truly west-of-the-Pecos-River hearty dining experience, with a lot more comfort and style.

In this episode, the two discuss how scent can enhance a meal, what it's like to see those Yelp reviews, and what they both love about the flavors of southwest cooking.

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Dried chili peppers hang over the West of Pecos kitchen The firewood oven at West of Pecos warms popular plates like enchiladas Chef August Schuchman slides a cast iron skillet into the hot oven
Southwest decor brings the atmosphere of West of Pecos to light The team at West of Pecos makes guests feel relaxed and at home.
Enchiladas are cooked in the wood burning oven Chef August Schuchman prepares one of the main courses on the West of Pecos menu Chef August Schuchman puts the finishing touches on a fresh plate  Freshly prepared 'Puffy Tacos' with crispy carnitas    Heat lamps keep food warm in the kitchen Fresh churros are made daily at West of Pecos
The West of Pecos menu Having fun is a requirement, especially with Tyler MacNiven.
Chef August Schuchman adds a dolop of cream onto the enchilada dish The 'puffy tacos' are a favorite item on the menu    Enchiladas in cast iron skillet Guacamole and queso - a southwest cuisine must! Churros with caramel and chocolate dipping sauce The full bar offers refreshing drinks like Lonesome Dove and southwestern style takes on American classics, like the Puebla Old Fashioned. You might almost forget that you're in San Francisco when you dine at West of Pecos. The West of Pecos team keeps the atmosphere as lively as the decor.

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