Evan Bloom & chef Eduardo Hernández — Wise Sons
“Jewish deli food — it's really the food of the Jews of the East Coast, it's food of immigrants coming from different parts of Europe, making a mish-mosh and coming up with something all its own — so, actually, Jewish deli food is American food...”

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As those who've celebrated a Seder dinner know, the same four questions are asked each year to help remind everyone who has been sitting around the table for several hours why they have gathered together to read through a book, sing songs, and drink wine on an empty stomach before eating dinner. Each year, many Jews attempt to give up their morning bagels for the week of Passover and reflect on the symbolism of this food-centric spring holiday.

In San Francisco, however, forgoing bagels has never been much of a challenge — the city has been oddly barren of Jewish restaurants, delis, and bagelries, compared to other large American cities. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen came along.

Like most overnight successes, Wise Sons had been in the making for many years. Co-founders Leo Beckerman, Evan Bloom, and Ari Bloom took their Hillel college cookouts to a pop-up, after they graduated, and the enterprise has since blossomed into five locations across the Bay Area.

In this episode, you'll hear Evan Bloom tell us that Jewish food is not just for Jews — in fact, the meals that many of us associate with Jewish food has become an American staple, one that blends the flavors of the old country with the abundance and boldness of the new. This fusion of cultures is also something that inspires Bloom's young and ambitious chef, Eduardo Hernández. A native of Mexico and raised in San Francisco's Mission district, Hernández is drawn to learning about a new culture and even hints that he's interested in blending the cuisine he grew up eating with this East Coast inspired comfort food, which he's learned to cook so well.

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The Wise Sons flagship location on 24th Street in the Mission was the first permanent location opened by Co-founders Leo Beckerman, Evan Bloom, and Ari Bloom The menu at Wise Sons in the iconic marquis format is a nod to its East Coast inspirations Patrons wait for their food at Wise Sons in the Mission
The matzo ball soup at Wise Sons is a favorite for Passover and year-round  Challah bread before it's sliced
Evan Bloom prepares the day's special on the stove
Sizzling eggs  Two girls laugh as they share a meal at Wise Sons
Breads are baked daily by Wise Sons  The menu at Wise Sons
The brisket is a Wise Sons staple Chef Eduardo Hernández prepares meals in the Wise Sons kitchen
Bialis are a favorite Wise Sons bread  The reuben was one of the items around which the Wise Sons menu was built.  Brussel sprouts topped with fried eggs at Wise Sons  The chocolate babka cake is a personal recipe for Evan and Ari Bloom - it was a treat their grandmother used to make for them, growing up.  The brisket special with carrot tzimmes The bustling 24th Street location fills up quickly for dinner  The full spread at Wise Sons Evan Bloom and chef Eduardo Hernández

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